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What readers are saying:

I’ve read many personal development books throughout my life, yet I’ve always had a difficult time understanding the benefits of being grateful. Not for lack of understanding the practice, but rather out of fear, incorrectly thinking that if I became too content with where I am and with what I have, my desire to achieve and strive for even greater feats in life would be diluted.This book has completely changed everything for me and has helped me realized just how very wrong I was. Gravitate 2 Gratitudeis filled with personal stories, challenges, and successes from Carolyn Flower’s personal life and extended blended family that leave you feeling extraordinarily appreciative and connected to the writer on every page. This book will help you make sense of your own personal journey, it will give you certainty in the path you have chosen to undertake, and it will give you the tools and strategies you need to both overcome your challenges, and breakthrough your personal barrier. This read should be a staple classic on every personal development and self help bookshelf.

Gratitudehas no bounds, and Carolyn has created a chronicle that allows you to record memories, events and actions that further the that glory that is to: Gravitate 2 Gratitude. Drawing on knowledge and experience, the read is that of one who is more than passionate in the quest, and wanting to share Gratitude with any and all that wish to accept and partake in it. A definite “must” read!

Gravitate 2 Gratitude takes you along on a life-changing journey on which you’ll learn that making just one simple change in your life will empower, elevate,support and strengthen your mindset for unstoppable success.

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Awaken to an elevated mindset that is sure to change your world!

In, Gravitate 2 Gratitude ~ Journal Your Journey (Begin Within),Carolyn delivers an insightful and interactive gratitude journal that will move your life in a wondrous new direction. This is your golden chance to read, write, and color to set your unique spirit to paper, and then witness your personal evolution and rejoice in your progress.

More than any other book, Gravitate 2 Gratitude will summon your infinite positive energy and open your heart to the unnoticed little things that enrich your life each and every day.  Carolyn Flower’s insights and moving personal stories are a shining example of how a daily gratitude practice serves as a brilliant life teacher and sparks continual opportunities for…

  • Heartfelt change
  • Expansive spiritual growth
  • Life-enhancing transformation

Gravitate 2 Gratitude encourages you and shows you exactly how to maintain a daily gratitude journal, and expand boldly beyond your comfort zone and embrace a healing journey that leads to inner…

  • Peace
  • Grace
  • Self-discovery

Gravitate 2 Gratitude will completely change your mindset and bring things for which you are grateful into much sharper focus. When you master this gift a crazy thing will happen. More of what you feel and express gratitude for will flow into your life and completely change it!

A note from the Author:  Gratitude is a Gift Waiting Just for You

”Gratitude is an incredibly powerful life force, one that lays the foundation to invite positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When building a new house, you’d never consider building the walls, roof, or laying the bricks first. All successful projects start with a goal, a plan to guide the process, study and a strong and sturdy foundation. We’re not strangers to the word gratitude; we have all identified with it at one time or another. But have we ever imagined what it would be like to live in a “state” of gratitude more often? This state, what I call the “grace” of gratitude, happens when we make a conscious choice to focus our attention on what we’ve already been blessed to receive; to recognize and appreciate what is bestowed upon us already and alive in our life now. What have our challenges taught us that we may not have learned without them? How did we learn and grow from the experience? These are gifts, and often we don’t fully understand their significance, unless we’re paying attention. We may use words like thankful, humbled, honoured, and blessed. Everyone reflects their own perspective through the lens of their own lives. You know that feeling, the one that wraps itself around you and reminds you that everything’s going to be okay – that all is right and well in your world? You are calm, relaxed, balanced and have a feeling of well-being. That’s how gratitude feels to me and why I think of it as a gift. So, depending on where you are in your personal development journey, you may feel an abundance of gratitude gracing your path every day, or you may wish to feel more. When that moment when we feel gratitude arrives, our focus shifts momentarily, and temporarily we feel thankful. We want to hug our loved ones knowing everyone in our world is safe. It’s happened to me more often than I can count. When we are living in a moment of gratitude’s grace, we notice things that might otherwise go unnoticed. We pay closer attention and focus on how fortunate we are or feel at that moment. How beautiful is that?”

Carolyn Flower

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