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GRATITUDE IS A GIFT WAITING FOR YOU IN 2017 Cheers to a New Year of great expectations!

Every year at this time, I look back and review not only the high points of growth and accomplishment, but I honor the struggles and challenges as well, with deep gratitude and appreciation. No matter the wrapping, they are all go to site gifts. Then I carve out some distraction-free quiet time to set clear intentions for the great expectations I hold for the year ahead and create a #Theme that reinforces what the year represents for me. Themes have provided a gauge to gear up or in my case a few years ago, dial it way back to be in a position to rise up later.

Have you ever taken the time to look back over your shoulder and review the distance traveled? As I look back over the last five years, it is crystal clear that there was a process and purpose in motion and without realizing it, I was creating my life by design and developing into a better version of me.  Sometimes as we are surviving then thriving forward, we forget to acknowledge the baby steps and giant leaps that can be used as a yardstick to measure our success. Chances are you have much to celebrate and there have been many where can i buy proscar online gifts delivered to you along the way.

My #Theme for the coming year is #ManifestingMiracles2017; an evolution that has miraculously unfolded over the last five years.

How 5 years can change a life.

The signposts of “how far we’ve come” are often built from the most challenging and difficult times as a way to evaluate our voyage on the rough seas and teach us how to navigate to calmer waters.  I found myself reflecting this past week on my own distance traveled. Here is what I learned as I reviewed my Themes:

#MyNewLife2012  The sudden loss of a parent entirely changed the trajectory of my life.  I would not have believed it at the time, but it was through the life experience of this loss, that my true purpose was revealed to me.  Change came.  Letting go was necessary. I gained a new role as parent to my surviving health-challenged parent and this required a new energy that I had to discover along the way.

#LetGo2013  Throughout this hectic year as caretaker in chief, my intuition sent my body signals that rest was needed to remain healthy. I decided that for the next year I would take a step back to regroup and use the calm of simplicity to find out where I needed to focus next. So I conducted a daily experiment in 2014 called The Gratitude Project.

#Simplify2014  Little did I know that this gratitude project would set the stage for writing a book on the subject that would be published in September 2015. I wrote my observations and thoughts of appreciation daily on a sticky note throughout the year, and dropped them into a jar. This would become my list of blessings, as I gravitated to a daily gratitude practice.  An interesting new habit evolved, that began with only a few thoughts. There is always something to be grateful for even on the toughest of days.  As the days and weeks stretched into months, the notes got longer and the list grew to a nightly journal entry far too long to fit into the sticky notes; a half-page of amazing daily thoughts of the day emerged reminding me of everything that was right and good that had transpired each day. I looked forward to my nightly review. I began to feel a new lightness of being. This gift was a tremendous sense of peace and joy for my life as it manifested through the simplicity of 2014 and opened up to the rising up and discovery of the next year.

#InspireYourself2015  On January 1, 2015, I emptied the jars and read through all the notes and journal entries to review my entire amazing year of growth and transformation. The exercise inspired my book titled Gravitate 2 Gratitude – Journal Your Journey (Begin Within) an Amazon bestseller for seven weeks in a row.  The biggest thrill since its publication has been learning how readers have found this practice to be life-changing as a very powerful wellness strategy – something to be grateful for indeed. This mindset opens our hearts to the challenge of change, blessings and abundance. What is the gift? Understanding that whenever you feel you are at the borderline of what’s possible, you can always refocus and find just a little more. I encourage you to dig deep on the most difficult days and discover the grit of your truest self.  You have something to be proud of every day along your creative path.

#BringItOn2016 I expanded my business to include a self-publishing division following a year of learning about the online teaching and thought leadership space from the experts. I became aware of a whole new world that I would never have known in the first place had I not experienced the loss, letting go, rest then rising up over four years. I’ve spent the year developing and designing programs to guide clients along their author journey with my team of experts at our Pathways to Publishing Academy©.  I marvel at the success of my clients who brought their stories to life this year and became published authors – making their own dreams come true.  You all have so much to celebrate!

#ManifestingMiracles2017 I’m very excited to move into this New Year!  As we lean in to the magic of our next 12 months living and creating our lives by design, I invite you to join me to experience YOUR best year yet. Let’s work together to ensure all your intentions, goals and gifts to the world manifest into reality in 2017.

The New Year holds great promise for everyone – and as always, I expect great things!  2017 marks my 25th anniversary in business and I will have much news to share starting in January. I can’t wait to tell you more.

Until then, I’m sending you my love and very best wishes for the gifts of great expectations, joy, abundance and gratitude to you all, and a very Happy and Healthy New Year.



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