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Offering my first person authoritative perspective of my positive life experience navigating our cooperative life during and after divorce and how we chose to “retire” our 18 marriage in 2004. In my next book, Depakote to buy uk Family Ever After ™ ~ Collaborate Life After Divorce: Embrace A New Normal©, I share how our core family values remain strong to this day, how we embraced the challenge of change, and how each step in the process was a teaching opportunity for our children. The healthy benefits then and now, are undeniable. Our family is proof positive that respectfully surviving divorce is not only possible but that thriving is a worthy goal worth achieving. There are healthier options available than the traditional route. Using the gifts of gratitude as a foundational guide to move forward, and building a “new normal” with less trauma and conflict is a viable alternative. Ultimately, my desire is to change the landscape of how divorce is viewed and by putting dignity back in the mindset process, creating a movement to impact widespread change. My mission? To shift the divorce paradigm one family at a time. Divorce is the end of a marriage but it is not the end of a family. I encourage you to be the storytellers and to ignore the divorce stories of others who want to dictate how yours will be told. Be a trendsetter. Take the opportunity as parents who may live apart, to continue to teach together and take pride in your achievements. Set the example and model the behaviours you want your children to learn from and duplicate. Find out how our family and others, learned to grow their own Family Ever After by coloring outside the lines of what society dictates as “normal”. Don’t think you can do it? Think again. What kind of legacy will you leave? Find out how you too can grow your own, Family Ever After.

“It’s idiotic to assume that because a marriage ends, it’s failed.”- Margaret Mead

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Carolyn’s strong advocacy for the collaborative divorce philosophy is a passionate one, and for good reason. She and her ex-husband’s very successful navigation of the unchartered waters during and after their divorce earns her authority on the “I Do’s” of Divorce.

“I am committed to sharing this success model and motivating families to embrace this new normal; a kinder and gentler option when “retiring” a marriage by seeking a collaborative divorce solutions. It is my personal mission as I have experienced the bounty of benefits since 2004 living our life as a Family Ever After. Awareness is key, and I’d like as many families as possible to be educated on the framework available to them in dozens of countries worldwide. We are proof positive that it is indeed possible and well worth every effort involved. My purpose is create widespread change and to challenge the very paradigm of divorce putting dignity back into the process. Co-parenting success requires a willingness to see the big picture and succeed for the sake of the children as well as the family’s legacy by keeping an eye on your WHY.”


An honors graduate from the private and prestigious Notre Dame Business College in Montreal (The Mother House), her studies continued at Concordia University in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Faculty. In preparation for her next book, she completed an intensive training course in Interdisciplinary Collaborative Family Practice for Attorneys, Child Specialists, Divorce Coaches, Financial Consultants and Mediators in Sarasota, Florida, sponsored by the Next Generation Divorce Inc. and given by the Collaborative Law Training Associates, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia.

The Family Ever After™ Vision Roadmap for Success is in development to accompany the encouragement offered in her best-selling book Gravitate 2 Gratitude. It’s a great place to begin. The time had come to give the uplifting divorce experiences the attention they deserve. As parents, it is our responsibility to challenge change in ourselves in ways we may not have imagined possible. By keeping your family legacy outside the courtroom, you have a much better chance of modelling the behavior you want to teach as you travel through the the divorce journey, one that begins within.

Yes You Can. Grown Your Own. Family Ever After.