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This is the key word to focus on to effectively prioritize your intentions for achievement this New Year. Like cleaning up the clutter in any room in our home or office, organizing our thinking to gain clarity allows fresh ideas to come through the dust!


So many of you have already made the decision that this is YOUR year to dig in and gear up to accomplish some of the major goals that you’ve been dreaming of for years. I know exactly how this feels; I have daily, weekly and yearly intentions partnered with clear strategies of action and self-evaluation that drive my goals to the finish line. I wouldn’t be in a position to achieve these big dreams on my own, however, because I’m not always aware of the most effective strategies available to get the best results possible. So I seek out the guidance of my professional mentors who have achieved the level of success I’m aiming at to illuminate my path. Sometimes we just don’t know what we don’t know. Investment in the knowledge you will need to accomplish your heart’s desire is a sure way to pave the road forward with certainty and clarity, when you’ve decided you are READY.

“Dream big. Start small. Act now follow url .” – Robin Sharma


If it is your intention to set your thoughts down to paper this year and let your imagination run to the ends of the earth and you’re serious about calling yourself a published author in 2017, I can guarantee you one thing: there are readers out there right now, who are waiting for what you currently have stored in your head or in a file in your computer. Isn’t it time to finally transfer those files and inspired thoughts and ideas into a structured manuscript and publish it? You are already a forthcoming published author because you know you have a book in you that needs writing.  That nagging voice that keeps whispering “you really should write that book” will not leave you alone until you do!

The world is just waiting for you to take the action steps to catch up to their desire to read you. This time next year, the world will be buzzing about new authors and the books that changed lives. Make yours one of them.  

Here is how I can help.


If you want clarity and have burning questions that unless answered, will likely keep you in the same place of indecision and inaction until the details involved in the entire writing to publishing process are de-mystified – in other words – you discover your unique “pathway to publishing”, here’s the first step toward success:

Schedule your free 30-minute Author Clarity Consult. Let’s chat about your intentions and goals for completing your book and publishing it THIS year, and how I can give you the clarity you need and knowledge you are seeking so you can Commit, Write, Design, Promote and Publish in 2017 (based on the 5 Pillars of the Pathways to Publishing Academy framework strategies).

Life write extraordinary stories. Let’s tell yours.

Click below to sign-up and you’ll then receive a link to my Calendar to schedule your Author Clarity Consult with me. I’m looking forward to helping your author dreams become reality in 2017.

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