About Carolyn Flower

Carolyn Flower is the bestselling author of Gravitate 2 Gratitude.  She’s the CEO of Carolyn Flower International Success Coaching and the Founder and CEO of Oxygen Publishing, an independent publishing agency located in Canada and the UK. She’s committed to awakening and empowering people to pioneer their potential and become the authors of their extraordinary stories.

She has been offering clients value-rich guidance since 1992 to achieve any goal desired.  Work with her to experience her unique ability to help you master your mind and maximize your results.  Not only will you learn how to imagine a world with potential and possibility you never thought possible, but you’ll believe it into being with such certainty and ease, you’ll achieve extraordinary results in record time. 

She is a graduate of the Proctor Gallagher Institute’s  (PGI) world-renowned Thinking Into Results program for leaders and is proud to partner with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher as a PGI consultant to teach this powerful material to her clients and students worldwide with her Lead Your Life Success Coaching programs. 

She has been personally coached and mentored by some of the most influential leaders in the human betterment world today: Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Brendon Burchard, Peggy McColl, Greg Reid, Sharon Lechter, Richard Dolan, Grant Cardone. She has participated in high-level mastermind associations that have accelerated her vision for her own unlimited potential.  She would like you to aim high so you can imagine, believe, achieve, and scale your next summit of success.

According to Forbes, a coach or mentor helps us get unstuck, and accelerates our growth by showing us a clearer path with fewer distractions and obstacles. Think of it this way: When you climb a mountain, you’re thrilled to get to the top — but then quickly look to the next peak and resolve to reach that summit. A mentor helps you scale those upcoming peaks.

Are you ready to lead your life?

Have you ever fully intended to accomplish something and then find yourself not doing the very thing you know you should be doing to achieve it?

Do you hold yourself back from making impactful decisions and play it safe?

Do you watch others celebrate wins and wonder what they know that you don’t?

Would you love to know the formula to create a future that you’ve never dared to imagine?

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