Book signings are a phenomenal opportunity to connect with readers and book-lovers alike.  When the conversation is about gratitude, important discussions are bound to emerge from chit-that that develops into wonderful story-sharing. Everyone has a story to tell, and I always feel so very fortunate to be chosen to listen.  So much energy and uplift within a six hour segment of time, proving once again without a shadow of a doubt, that gratitude IS contagious. What a generous outpouring of support from friends I see often, less often and those I’ve not seen in years, loved ones and with strangers who are strangers-no-more. My heartfelt gratitude to all.

This event was hosted by Chapters-Indigo in Pointe-Claire (Montreal), and organized brilliantly by Emma who handles their author events.  I’m excited to be planning another signing date to coincide with Easter.  Further book signing are upcoming in Toronto, New York, and Florida and I’m hoping to continue the conversations I began last June at The Gratitude Cafe in Santa Monica as well as the Napa Inn in Napa Valley, California.  My ultimate goal is to create a new-found awareness and appreciation for Gratitude Wellness strategies.  There are a growing number of documented benefits of living in the spirit and the grace-fullness of embracing an attitude of gratitude.  Your life will be all the richer for it.   More medical evidence and test results are emerging proving not only improvements to psychological well-being, but physical and physiological health benefits as well.   go to site But don’t just take MY word for it.  Read more in this article by follow Sharon Kirkey that appeared in follow site The National Post on October 9, 2015 outlining a formal study led by the University of California’s Laura Redwine and her colleagues who asked participants to complete a gratitude questionnaire to determine the science of how their bodies are affected by their attitudes.  When researchers drew participants’ blood after the questionnaire, they were astonished by what they discovered in those who were able to focus on the positive.  They delved deeper by asking those same people to keep a diary of three to five things they were thankful for every day and after doing so for an eight-week period, they re-took blood and their findings were even more profound.  Dr. Robert Emmons is a pioneer in gratitude research at University of California, Davis.  Read more here:

The power of thankfulness: Why your doctor’s next prescription could be a little gratitude

Sharon Kirkey, Postmedia News | October 9, 2015 2:51 PM ET

And so I always begin conversations with the same question for a very important reason.  I ask “what are you grateful for?”  As I write in my own book, it becomes an instantaneous re-focus to anyone who answers, in that they are able to identify something right away, and not only that, I notice smiles that may not have been there, appear.  Shoulders relax, body language shifts to a more open, less anxious stance.  I have asked hundreds of people since I began researching and writing Gravitate 2 Gratitude and witnessed this response for every person, every time.  It acts like an instant prescription for calm and the best form of preventative medicine I know.

Here are just a few of the magic moments that I was fortunate to experience this past Saturday chatting about gratitude.  The fact that this book may encourage new healthy habits for its readers, gives me a reason to be very proud.  To all who are have embarked on the journey to journal gratitude every day with my book, please comment below and share with me:  “What are you grateful for?” and “What was the best part of your day?”  Both of these questions can be found on each of the 180 pages of Part III of my best-selling book to help you refocus the lens of your life, and discover the art of your possible.  Yes indeed, Gratitude IS contagious.  Share some of yours with someone today.

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