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About Carolyn Flower

Business Owner ~Entrepreneur

The Flower Communications Agency saw it’s first project bloom in 1992. A career Promotion and Communications professional in Montréal, Flower specializes in marketing campaigns maximizing brand coverage, driving awareness through creative content and media visibility, prolific prose, promotional panache, and publicity with passion. (She also adores alliteration when waxing descriptive). She has proudly represented business, talent, events, festivals, professional arts venues, theatre companies, and entertainment productions. Her experience in the non-profit arts and culture milieu brings an appreciation of the fancy foot-work required to master-mind fundraising events, as well as cultivate and nurture business and sponsorship relationships. Branding on social media ahead of the popularity curve, she strongly promotes the necessity of reaching out, connecting and inter-acting with your niche target audience regularly. Standing out from the rest as your own bold and unique brand is no longer an option, it’s real-time marketing necessity. Flower Communications Agency and her Team of Associates seize opportunities and communicate efficiently combining solid business know-how with a sound media relations background. Building client partnerships the “old fashioned way” is the foundation, your inspired ideas a mosaic of bricks, and personalized customer care excellence, the mortar that holds the project together. Listening with both ears when you need listening to the most. Proud of being a people business. We’re connected. You will be too.

Brilliantly Creative Production Team

Two companies in one convenient location. Flower’s Associates, “The Chaps” at Profile Direct Marketing are a first class production team for creative graphic design, illustrations, web-design, and print options of all shapes and sizes. They offer offer à la carte promotional marketing services that deliver every time. Keeping it All Under One Roof, clients benefit from branding strategies, business visibility opportunities via researched media placement solutions, and market-focussed print. Gone are the days, when your company must house their own Marketing & Promotion department. This production team is at your service, locally and globally. Don’t have it In-House? Come on Over to our House! Please visit the All Under One Roof website for more information.


Grade four seemed like a good time to fall in love...with writing, and so the love affair continued with a steady stream of story-telling, journaling, poetry and column-writing. Her two most recent by-lines, Behind the Menu and Flower Bouquets, appeared regularly in The Montrealer. Flower graduated with Honours from the private and prestigious Notre Dame Business College in Montreal, and continued her studies at Concordia University in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Faculty. She was introduced to the wild world of musical theatre the day she followed her Dad backstage to the “green room” as a kid, and she soon became a theatre rat spending years in musical theatre performing arts, with show memories galore that she’d live a hundred times over. Her grandfather, inducted into the Interior Decorators Society of Quebec in 1935, was considered one of Montreal’s leading Interior Designers of the day. He made sure a drawing pencil and gum eraser were in her hand early and mentored her artistic development. She continues to express herself through the lenses of her Nikon cameras, as she literally encourages us to re-focus the lens through which we which we view our lives, and to focus on our “daily bread” of gifts that inspire our journey forward.

Gifts of Gratitude Guru

“My quest in 2014 was to simplify life, regroup and re-align priorities. I took a giant leap back from the hustle and settled in to a new rhythm of listening to the whispers of the wind, pursuing my passion by re-directing the promotional division of my Company toward promoting my own Family Ever After ™ brand, making a decision to write full-time. To accompany a daily meditation practice, I challenged myself to a 365-day gratitude experiment, a commitment to lean-into myself and journal on the gifts already received. The exercise of this daily gratitude practice changed my life in extra-ordinary ways. The gift? A great sense of peace, joy and appreciation that defined and awakened my purpose. What if YOU chose to view your life through a different lens? What if you focussed on your blessings instead of your burdens? The practice became a much-needed chapter in the first book I was writing about Collaborative Divorce, and from that chapter, evolved into a book all under itself, that is scheduled for publication in April 2015. Gratitude is the heart's memory. Gratitude is contagious. Gravitate to Gratitude.”

Collaborative Divorce Advocate

Her advocacy for the Collaborative Divorce philosophy is a passionate one, and for good reason. Her successful navigation of the unchartered waters during and after divorce earns her authority on the I Do’s of Divorce. “I am committed to sharing this success model and motivating families to embrace this new normal; a kinder and gentler option when “retiring” a marriage by seeking a collaborative divorce solutions. It is my personal mission as I have experienced the bounty of benefits over the last 11 years living our life as a Family Ever After. Awareness is key, and I’d like as many families as possible to be educated on the framework available to them in dozens of countries worldwide. We are proof positive that it is indeed possible and well worth every effort involved. I’d love to add YOUR story to ours as there are so many with inspiring stories to share.” Co-parenting success requires a willingness to see the big picture and succeed for the sake of the children as well as the family’s legacy by keeping an eye on your WHY. Flower has developed a Family Ever After Vision Roadmap for Success© along with a daily dose of Gratitude, as a great place to begin. The time had come to give the uplifting divorce experiences the attention they deserve, challenging change in yourself in ways you may not have imagined possible. Flower encourages from first hand experience so that families keep their legacy out of the courtroom, putting Dignity in Divorce. Parents, understand you must model the behaviour you want to teach as you travel through the the divorce journey, one that begins within.

Yes You can. Grow Your Own. Family Ever After.


With dozens of notepads, recordings, scribbles and mindful messages to transcribe, Flower is authoring a collection of books on the subjects she is most passionate about, hoping to inspire others forward. The Family Ever After ™ brand was born last year, with three titles scheduled for publication in 2015. Each book is a friendly companion to the others, as well as proudly able to stand alone. She will co-author the children’s book the guidance of the memories and words of her own three children:

Gravitate 2 Gratitude ~ Journal Your Journey©, Family Ever After ~ Collaborate Life After Divorce© and Mommy’s House & Daddy’s House – Magic Moments©.

Please visit the Family Ever After ™ website for more information.


Carolyn lives far from the maddening crowd in the countryside by the river with her husband, and collaboratively co-parents her three children and two step-children. They are a devoted animal rescue family that includes two dogs, and four cats as well as passionate shutterbugs to capture life’s magic moments. They ALL enjoy a cooperative lifestyle as an extended blended loving Family Ever After.

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